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The 2016 chicken incident

Ok, so when you pass out at 11pm on a Friday, you wake up early on the Saturday, I know this. Why did it have to be at 5 am though!?!?! What do one do with that kind of time on their hands? I usually sleep away half the day. Well you do nothing, drink some coffee, put some stuff online for sale (using the app Shpock, no action there yet though. Not sure if it’s the app or the stuff I sell (like this pretty dress), will have to get back to you on that).


Being home not doing much make me want to smoke, so I went for a run. The best way of killing the urge to smoke! And I’m running faster and faster, fun.


After running, I made lunch. Another meal from my magical food delivery the other day, Tuna salad. Life is so much easier when someone has written up the recipe for you and packed all the ingredients in a box. I mean, Tuna salad aint hard you just need to have the stuff for it at home.


Right now, with the upcoming renovation of my apartment, most of my time is spent throwing things out or putting them away for sale. Hopefully I will get myself a flea market table for next Sunday, will find out on Wednesday if that’s happening. So that was my Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden it was dinner time.

I figured I would test this Fake Fried Chicken from my food box. I took all the ingredients out and did the prep.


In the middle of it all I realized that I was missing some stuff that I was supposed to go get earlier so I biked off to the store and got them. Came back home, turned the oven back on and went to open the chicken.

Oh the smell! It was bad. Still I figured that the smell was due to the vacuum packaging. It wouldn’t go away though and after a while I had to give up and realize that the chicken was bad, real bad. I threw it out, and after a little bit of freezer searching I had to give up and sit down and just feel sorry for myself because the world ends when the chicken is bad.

It ended up with me turning the oven back off, going back to the store and getting more chicken, hoping that this chicken dish was worth it.

Old and new chicken:


Finally I got home, with edible chicken, so I could turn the oven back on and get on with the cooking. Finally I got my fake fried chicken with home-made Coleslaw. And the coleslaw was freaking amazing! The chicken not so much, or, there’s a reason why fried food is so good, and you can’t really get that taste any other way.


I got my dinner, the provider of the magic food basket received a letter of complaint with a receipt for additional chicken and all is good in the world again.

How was your Saturday night?

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