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A Sunday not on the couch

Usually I spend my weekends home doing absolutely nothing, now when I’ve had a few of them in a row the urge of doing nothing was less. So when one of my friends asked me if I wanted to check out the potential competition for next Sunday I was on – starting with a coffee stop of course.


The competition looked good, people was selling the same shitty stuff that I’m planning to sell. The things you don’t bring back home if you don’t get them sold, you either sell them or throw them.


Enjoying a little bit of sun, coffee and the company of a smoker (damn it still smells good) made me tired and hungry so home I went for left-over lunch and some old classic Farmville 2.


For the people who have been following the blog over the years, no, it’s not the same farm as back then. I think I’m on my third or fourth one by now as when they get to big they wont load.

I didn’t manage to stay on the couch playing games since my overload of energy generated by a need to smoke, kicked me off it again. First to release a book (read all about it here) and then for a run that didn’t really go as plan. I set out for my 6.4k run, however with the last few runs in the park I’ve been lowering my runspeed – on shorter runs though.

This Sunday the sun was burning and I went out to fast in the start, so when I started to feel like throwing up I slowed down a bit, and then when my head started to spin I turned my Runkeeper off and slowly walked the rest of the bit home. No fun, but I learned my lesson.


I did real well with rehydrating myself with one of my favourite overpriced addictions, Vitamin Well (Vitamin Well, pls contact me privately for bank account no where you can deposit the sponsor money), I just love this stuff. I guess it’s flavoured water with a nice price tag, still yum!

My anger with myself for not completing the full 6.4 (if you start something you are supposed to finish it) was diminished by the dinner that was served when I got back. Mr Grumpy II lit up the BBQ and served a feast. Perfect ending to the weekend.


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