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Experiencing new stuff

This Tuesday morning saw me up earlier than normal me time, still not as early as this work have made me over the past few months.

As one of my colleagues where picking me up for an off site visit I made coffee and brekky to go go.


The office is in an area of Malmö that not many people visit too often unless they work there, at least that’s what I believe. There is an amazing view:


And interesting lunch places:


This place was just so random with a strange mix of people, as I understood it there isn’t that many places to choose from if you wanna go out and eat so everyone ends up there.

When you start early, you can leave early so you have time to drop of the bike at the place where a flat tire magically goes non-flat. Should be sorted tomorrow. Not that long ago, a flat tire would’ve been devastating for my day now I just walk. Love the new office.

Dead tired after a long day I longed after my couch. However, I signed up for a Runacademy event sponsored by one of my favourite addictions so I felt the need to go anyhow for more than one reason.

Firstly I signed up with Runacademy for this fall, to keep the running going, so I wanted to try it out. It was fun, though, but fun. It pushed me a little and it was fun to try something new. The time below includes warm up, intervals, standing still while listening to someone giving instructions as well as a bit of running so I’m quite pleased.


Secondly, it was sponsored by Vitamin Well, so I walked out of there with free stuff. In the middle, when all I wanted was to go home I just reminded myself that if I didn’t finish I wouldn’t get the free stuff. Love this shit! (and no, they are still not paying me to say this…)


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