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Quality time with the fav Latte Mum

Me and Latte mum are no longer practically neighbours, it’s been a while since she deserted me for suburbia. Still, we try to meet up regularly to eat sushi and just hang.

This time it was for me to travel to Lund where we started with dinner, fantastic and fun sushi at Bonsai Sushi bar, totally worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.


We then accidentally stuck our nose in a bookstore and I managed to spend the last bit of a gift card that’s been in my wallet for I don’t know how long.

Walking and talking took us past the new students that are running around town doing silly things.


Lund City park, a place that I have managed not to visit even though I spent a few years studying in this city, was full of students and Pokemon chasers this eve. Also a bird that seemed to be working on escaping its confinement.


Walking back towards the station we walked past this quaint little place, I would love to go and sit down there at some point. Looks like a chill place and a part of the magic with Lund, you never really know what to find but you know it’s full of interesting palaces.


All good things have to come to an end and so did this evening. All talked and walked out I sat down on the train that would return me home.


Thanks ma Latte Mum for another fab evening, let’s do it again soon 🙂

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