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Waiting for tonight 

I stayed up late last night to sleep late today, thus I woke up 8:20 – fantastic. My race this eve starts at 10PM, so a long day that includes hydrating properly, and of course it happens to be what feels like one of the hottest days of the year.

Eating properly, both breakfast and pasta lunch, need those carbs (I think it’s carbs anyhow) to manage the race!

I’ve spent most of the day packing up stuff for tomorrow’s flee market as well as throwing things out. How about some canned food that expired in 2013? I can’t believe how much stuff I have just sitting around, the worst being the clothes with the price tag still there. Something needs to be done!

With the weather being so nice had to get some fresh air and my daily dose of Mango Frapino, while checking out when they are setting up for tonight. 

It’s a very slow day, kind of like waiting for Santa. I’ve gotten so much done and still there’s five hours before I start 😦

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