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Run, run, ran

The clock finally turned race o’clock and I headed over to the starting point with all the other little lemmings in the same outfit. 

The start was full of fireworks and over excited people cheering you on, telling you have fantabolus you are just for showing up.

At the time I didn’t feel too fantabolus, I started to watch the three musketeers on the telly while waiting so I was more in the mood of finishing that.

When you start running though, it all feels better and the setting was perfect, not to hot or cold, a small breeze that kicked in when you felt too hot and loads of lights. They did a very good job at setting up alternative light sources in the parts of the race that otherwise would’ve been to dark.

The conditions and the people around me made me run fast, and I was real worried that I wouldn’t manage the whole race, I did and reached the goal after an hour and 12 minutes, a new personal best. 

I guess the promise of the first beer since last of July was the best incentive ever.

The only disappointment with the evening was the medal, how can they hand out medals without a string? Now I can’t hang it with the rest of my medals, such a waste.

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