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Where did I go?

Last we met was the first of September when I was up north visiting, today it’s the second of October and in some way a whole month has passed…

So where did I go?

Well, I made it back south for more early mornings, eat yum snacks, do mani-pedi with Lady T before she got married, done the #lunchchronicles, spent loads and loads of money at Espresso house, received another glossybox, cooked some food, accidentally bought some books at a book sale, sold some furniture, done some therapy shopping, been at a castle with work, dipped my feet in the ocean in September, enjoyed some Phish food, had a housewarming at work, had my first beer since quitting smoking, went for a breakfast lecture, had a friday date with my oldest niece, got french candy from mummy, ran 10k with the sister, ate niece’s birthday dinner outdoors, used a sowing machine for the first time in years, spent time on trains, packed up my home, started the renovation of my home, moved to the neighbours couch, got my new teeth, sorted a new passport to get ready for vacation, enjoyed luncheons with former colleagues, drinking wine in the warmth, drank more coffee from Espresso house, attempted and failed on doing 22 push-ups a day, been home sick from work, hung out with a larger than normal miss Legal, planning surprises for people, finally gotten around to do flea market, visited some hotels in the area, seen the ice at the arena up close, finally met up with the book circle, seen what’s under the floorboards at my place, enjoyed the yearly Gotham book fair and bought loads more of fun books, surprising and celebrating oldest aunty turning 60, spending more time on trains and more money on coffee from Espresso house, become a Gold member at the movies, been standing like two meters from Peter Jöback, received the hotel room with additional support, learned to appreciate new fast trains after four hours on an old type train, seen the arrival of fall, listen to an interesting talk from Ronald McDonald house in Gotham, eaten at the craziest Thai place outside of Thailand, seen the new Jason Bourne movie, been smoke free for two months, bought a new jacket as a reward for not smoking for two months, celebrating plastic uncle turning 70, trying to dye my hair caramel blond and failed, celebrate my mother turning young, and that bring us to today.

Happy Birthday mummy!


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