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All I do is eat 

Getting up at 7am to be somewhere at 8am is totally killing my groove. Still, I can be like a proper famous blogger and tell you that I’m working on a project that I can’t tell you anything about, and it’s totally killing my groove. I get up, end up at work, eat lunch…

Has totally fallen for this Apple and bacon salad from Salads & Smoothies (or is it the other way around?

Then I work some more, eat fruit, snacks and drink way too much coffee and not enough water (even if I try to remember by putting it in my calendar).

Today after work I went straight to the gym, and a proper blogger would’ve taken awesome toilet selfies in gym clothes instead I have a pic of the chocolate I picked up on my way home from the gym. You can see my yoga pants in the background. 

Even though I now know that my mum can handle the angry like on Facebook, this wasn’t, as I might have said, my dinner for the evening. Instead I spent hours slaving in the kitchen making fresh pasta.

Hahahah, no! I bought that in the same store as the chocolate, together with one more pack that I can have for dinner tomorrow. I miss my own home 😦

Well, 10:30pm and I’m totally hitting the sack. Another long and crazy day tomorrow with morning plans, workshop at work, afternoon plans and I believe, a great longing for vacation…

Peace out ma peeps.

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