Posted in Quality of Life

A Saturday without plans 

Passed out on the couch last night and woke up early this morning. No offense to Mr Grumpy II, however his couch isn’t as nice to spend a whole Saturday on as mine so I left. Starting with breakfast, something I heard is the most important meal of the day.

I then realized how expensive my life would be if I didn’t fill it with things to do, as I did some almost shopping (good thing I didn’t as I found discount coupons in the mail when home later in the day, so might do actual shopping tomorrow). 

After not shopping for a little while longer I sat down with a coffee and a book.

The book is so good and the chair was so comfortable that three hours later I was still sitting there. The tummy started to make funny noices, seemingly wanting more food even though it got breakfast. After a lame attempt to find dinner companions I decided to just go by myself. That way I could keep reading my book. 

After checking out my kitchen (soon done then you’ll get to see it) I ended up where one always seem to end up, on the corner.

Sitting here, I’m now trying to make up my mind; the movies and Bridget Jones baby or via the grocery store and pig out on the couch.

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