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Soooooo much fun

The day started out nice, woke up before the alarm and hotel brekkie.

Had a good day at work before heading to the airport, onwards and upwards. The day was good until I arrived at the Capitol and realized that there wasn’t enough time between my flights, needless to say I missed my connection and the guy at the travel agent got an earful.

He booked me on the next flight out, departing two hours after the first. When I came to check in I was kindly informed that my new flight was delayed. So what to do?

Bye bye old bag, now replaced with a new and improved companion. 

Eat overpriced dinner.

Sit down at Starbucks and work (and surprisingly receive some answers to your mails).

The plane has finally arrived and boarding should start at any moment now. It’s 9:30pm and I’m dead. I was supposed to enjoy another hotel room already. Oh well, soon!

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