Down-under 2016


Finally, after months of knowing since the tickets where bought long time ago, it was finally time to head out.

With no train trouble, or with check-in or with the security, we found ourselves inside the airport where they had Doolies, vodka and beer samples.

Since neither of us could sleep this morning we where at the airport in good time and spent some of it checking out the stores before sitting down with coffee.

And poof it was time for the gate and boarding. twelve hours later we got of that same flight in Singapore.

Here we enjoyed the Butterfly garden (terminal 3 and totally recommended).

Before we had more coffee and hung out with the fishes (fishes are friends not food).

Way on the back you can see our next plane…

…that took us all the way to Melbourne, where at 10 pm only wearing a t-shirt (and bottoms of course) was no issue.

Dead tired we checked in to our hotel and settled down with dinner. 

Now it’s time to zzz, guessing there’s gonna be a long and exciting day tomorrow. 

Peace out!

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