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2017-01 How to fall in love with a man that lives in a bush

I’m sorry but I don’t think there’s an English version of this book yet, damn it’s good. Written by Emmy Abrahamson and a decent 218 pages long, it took me about an hour to plough through wishing it was longer.

Meeting a man that lives in a bush, how to you even go about it? How many of us would stay and talk to him? This is a book that question what we think is important, what requires for that other person to be good enough.

For you that can read Swedish I highly recommend it, for you that don’t, fingers crossed they translate it.

Good start to the reading year of 2017 (the cheesy romance books I find for free and download doesn’t count, if they did I would add a 0 after the 1 in the title of this post)