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Merry long(er) walk to work Tuesday

So I’ve been complaining about having to short of a walk to work, to people. They just shake my their heads and tell me to walk a longer way to work. So today I did, wich also meant fancy pancy coffee.

Standing in the coffee place though, I remember why I like buying my coffee at 7/11, the boys there are better at service and it never takes as long! I just need to find an alternative longer walk to work, that still take me past the 7/11…maybe just do two laps or something.

Time to stop the whining and work! Later peeps!

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Thank you universe 

Even though the free coffee helped my mood, I was still feeling a bit down today. I decided that a new set of nails would cheer me up (it’s not that I’m a vain person, however pretty nails do make me feel pretty) and after a bit of Google I found a place that had some spare time at 6 this eve.

It being a cash only place (I mean who the beep uses cash now a days!?!) I had to go home between work and nails to pick up the free cash out of the machine card, and found these two babies inside my door.

Not one, but two snailmails! One of them being from a friend I haven’t heard from in a couple of years. I think the universe knew I needed that today, made me smile like a silly goose.

Then I headed for the nails, where this;

Became this;

Super pleased! 

Note that this whole post is written on the phone. Whith my new nails so any strange words or spellings are their fault!

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Happy free coffee Monday

Hi there world. It’s Monday again and after a weekend that went up and down like a rolloercoaster, free coffee is that shit!

Saturday saw fancy Hockey (fancy as in fancy seats with food and drinks) where Malmö won, whoop, whoop.

I also won some money on the lottery, not much at all, winning is fine anyhow. Then I found out that a pretty decent person passed away. One of those people that is more of an aquaintance than a friend, that everytime you met asked you the right questions to make you feel seen and interesting. Sad.
Sunday saw my lacy ass not doing much at all. One need days like that as well, at least me, as many weekends as I possibly can. I also tried to stay up for the Oscars, however I’m getting old as I didn’t even managed to stay awake until the famous people started to walk the red carpet.

So to this Happy free coffee Monday. One would think that after such a chill weeken I would wake well rested. Not. At. All! That’s when the free coffee is so fantastic, it gives you a little bit of a kick-start, so that you can go to work and pretend that you are working.

Peace out ma peeps!

(and, yes this post is an attempt at getting back into the blogging, I miss it, it’s just that I haven’t had the energy for it, and I want that energy back, so lets see if I can post at least once a day for this week).

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Birthday season part 2

A friend I got to know while studying philosophy in Lund, has now moved to Gotham and as she couldn’t make it to the birthday dinner I dragged her with for hockey on Thursday.

A game that I almost missed because some genius decided that calling the police saying there’s a bomb on a train was a good idea. Seriously, trainjinx deluxe as my friend said.

Well, I made it and I even remembered my hockey jersey, no picture, and Sweden won of the Czech with 5 to 2. Score!!!

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The birthday season began….

…last Saturday with the yearly dinner when friends and this year family, come from near and far to meet up and hang. For some it’s the one time of year we manage to meet.

We started at my place because I wanted to show of my new kitchen and balcony. The balcony didn’t manage to be done yet so the place was a bit off a mess, we made due though.

We then moved to La Roche for dinner, a beautiful little Tapas place in the center of Malmö. It’s real cosy and usually have better service than we got this time around. I also seem to be a bit out of the ‘I need to take pictures for the blog’ thing. Sorbet and Irish coffee is all you get.

The friends are getting old and with babies so most left after dinner. Sis and I moved on to beer and whiskey at my local hangout 

Before ending the night on town with Redbull Vodka. Felt fab the day after, I tell ya.

As an extra bday celebration bonus, I got to spend almost the whole day after with my big sis, fantabolus!