Posted in Birthday Season

The birthday season began….

…last Saturday with the yearly dinner when friends and this year family, come from near and far to meet up and hang. For some it’s the one time of year we manage to meet.

We started at my place because I wanted to show of my new kitchen and balcony. The balcony didn’t manage to be done yet so the place was a bit off a mess, we made due though.

We then moved to La Roche for dinner, a beautiful little Tapas place in the center of Malmö. It’s real cosy and usually have better service than we got this time around. I also seem to be a bit out of the ‘I need to take pictures for the blog’ thing. Sorbet and Irish coffee is all you get.

The friends are getting old and with babies so most left after dinner. Sis and I moved on to beer and whiskey at my local hangout 

Before ending the night on town with Redbull Vodka. Felt fab the day after, I tell ya.

As an extra bday celebration bonus, I got to spend almost the whole day after with my big sis, fantabolus! 

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