Posted in Always look at the bright side of life

Thank you universe 

Even though the free coffee helped my mood, I was still feeling a bit down today. I decided that a new set of nails would cheer me up (it’s not that I’m a vain person, however pretty nails do make me feel pretty) and after a bit of Google I found a place that had some spare time at 6 this eve.

It being a cash only place (I mean who the beep uses cash now a days!?!) I had to go home between work and nails to pick up the free cash out of the machine card, and found these two babies inside my door.

Not one, but two snailmails! One of them being from a friend I haven’t heard from in a couple of years. I think the universe knew I needed that today, made me smile like a silly goose.

Then I headed for the nails, where this;

Became this;

Super pleased! 

Note that this whole post is written on the phone. Whith my new nails so any strange words or spellings are their fault!

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