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Away with the family 

For the second year we are away on the yearly family ski trip. Two aunties, two uncles, three cousins, a sister, a brother-in-law, two nieces and a mother. 

We just finished brekkie and now the chaos of when all of the above need to get ready for the slopes, has begun. 

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Oops I did it again, again!

Hey all, sitting on the train playing with my new keyboard, going comme ci comme ca. Not beacuse when I finally got around to ordering it I accidentally ordered a US keyboard, I can live with that. Not, its just weird and strange compared with a computer.

Well, today has been a strange day. I woke up before the alarm went of, got up and got ready for work. Today in that other location so on my way to the bus stop (no point taking the taxi when you can take the bus in almost the same time), I stopped for coffee then making myself to the busstop. And even though its like 7:30 in the morning I ran into a collegue (makes me question the sanity of the people I work with), so we had a lovely chat on the bus, so nice that we almost missed the stop.

Working in the different location is different, its  a different type of people and pace, good for the soul I say! Whats not good for the soul is the sudden invaasion of pollen. Oh dear its been hard to breath today. For a while there I had to call people to get a bit of  distraction, even though I know I can, the feeling of not beeing able to can very easily cause a small panic attack and those are not nice.

Since I was at work earrly I could leave on time with kind of good consiouns, not really beause I’m behind on some things, however when you have time off you have time off. So I could go home and pack the almost dry clothes (why do I always have to do laundry?) and still have time for the corner before hitting the train.

That same  train I’m currently sitting on, that is taking me to Gotham for a night before moving more north and a big family feast that include skiing. Since I’m not a big fan of skiing I brought books and figuredd that maybe I have time for this blogging thing. 

(FYI, after writing the whole thing I realized there’s no spell check in the app, and me and the keyboard are still getting to know eachother and I have long nails, so just enjoy the laugh!!!).

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Merry hotel brekkie Tuesday 

Since I’m away I stay in a hotel it means hotel breakfast. 

I followed this yum meal with managing to dip my scarf in the coffee. 

Then it was course time, another interesting day with sandwiches and candy.

As the day moved on the snow kept coming down and I started to worry about my flight. If it would keep coming down the way it would be a night in another hotel. As I’m now sitting on the train towards the airport the snow has subsided so home is looming on the horizon. 

Fingers crossed ma peeps.

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Oh what a day (again, know I keep having them)

I left you with this mornings chaos and the interesting findings in my bag. The day that ensued has been intense.

The plane landed ten minutes early, not sure how that happened, I reached the platform for the train that would bring me to the city a minute before the train arrived on the platform. There was power outlets on the train so I could properly charge my work phone during the extremely smooth trip to the city.

All of the sudden I had plenty of time so I could take my time navigating the central station of The Capitol in order to find the metro that will take me to the hotel and course location. Still I arrived half an hour early, the hotel could give me my room straight away so I could drop my stuff of and breath before the course started.

The nice thing about paid for courses are that they start with morning fika before getting into it.


We are a group of seven people, no young newbies so loads of interesting conversations and so much knowledge. I really learned loads today.

Once the day finished in school I had a very good excuse to go shopping, fresh top and all that since I didn’t manage to pack properly this morning. And to be real honest, I have to do laundry. No matter how many tops I buy it feels like I never have any clean 😦

After shopping I just needed to wind down, and the hotel had the perfect spot for it.


At also seem like I’m in the Mekka of uniformed men, so loads to look at outside those windows. The only smolk this eve was the fact that the dinner food served at the hotel was the same that they served for lunch today (yes they got to hear all about it).


I forgave them when I saw the ice cream.


With such a day winding down isn’t real easy for me, I’m now enjoying a cuppa and Jon Henrik. If you don’t know him you should YouTube Jon Henrik Fjällgren, his Jojks are pretty awesome and good for the soul.


Peace out my peeps!

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Why do I do this to myself Monday 

My boss is nice enough to send me on a course, Procurement Law. It’s a two day course, Monday to Tuesday, and takes place in the Capitol. When you sit at work to book your flights you never find traveling a Sunday night a good idea. Of course not! Why would traveling an evening, arriving so that you can spend a quiet night in a hotel, waking up nice and rested on Monday ready to take on the day, be a good idea? Of course it’s much better to have to set your alarm for 4:45 to get into a taxi to the airport and then fly north, arriving to your course tired and cranky because someone figured bringing a small cranky child on a morning flight would be a great thing to do. 

Then, as I’m not morning person to start out with  there’s a few things I should’ve thought about last night (even though or especially since, my traumatic day);

  1. When it’s closing in on midnight and you’re still not sleepy, maybe setting a second alarm could be a nice idea 
  2. If you don’t set a second alarm, maybe closing the door to the room where your phone, the alarm, is located. Just a thought. 
  3. If going on a trip for work where the information you need is only stored on the work phone, make sure that phone is charged.
  4. If you aren’t sleepy, you could probably spend the time packing up the things you need for your two days away. You know, little things like a clean t-shirt, underwear, pills and other little things like that.

This way, when your alarm finally wakes you up and the taxi driver is calling you wondering why you aren’t outside,you don’t forget the above-mentioned things.

I managed to charge my phone a little bit at the airport (yes, still managed to make the flight) enough to power it up and quickly forward the location info to my own and very charged phone. I also think there’s charging opportunities on the train (yes, train #trainjinx) from the airport to the city. I should be fine.

And if I’m lucky, there’s a nice store close to the hotel where I can find myself some new tops and such.

Last week I don’t know where my brain was, today I blame it all on Spidy!

As a side note, when I finished the above post I went to my purse for a book to read. Of course I managed to grab a bag without a book in it. How is that even possible?!?! I did however find;

  • My makeup bag, been looking for that
  • My gym locker lock, been looking for that
  • A charger I didn’t realize that I owned 
  • Clothespin (don’t ask)

Amongst other things…

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R.I.P my little friend

When I was young teenager my daddy managed in some way or another to procure a tarantula. In the beginning she (or he as we thought) lived in my dad’s office and received the name August. In one way or another spidy managed to find her way home to our house and then apartment. Mother dearest blames that move on me for some reason, something about me claiming that spidy felt lonely living in the office.


Back in 2013 my dad, as some of you might already know, my dad passed away and to be honest, I’m impressed with how long it took before mother dearest called me and asked if Spidy could move in with me instead. I’m even more impressed with the fact that she drove her down here.

I can’t remember exactly when she moved in with me, she was introduced here on the blog in (funnily enough) in August that year…read all about it here.

Since then she’s been a lovely companion, a fantastic listener and often more interesting than the TV. Unfortunately yesterday when I woke up and turned her light on it was quite obvious that she wasn’t here anymore. Being me, I’ve spent the 24 hours after that in denial, trying to get her to move around by shaking the terrarium, spraying water and pouring water on her, nothing worked.

So today I just had to accept the fact that she is gone. I’ve been surprisingly upset about her departure, partly because she was my dads, so it’s just another part of him that’s gone. However, as my sister put it, now her daughters can draw a spider on the moon that they draw our dad on, apparently that’s where he’s hanging now a days. At least they have each other now.

I was considering (don’t judge me) to just put her and the terrarium in the trash. I just couldn’t get myself to do it, so I found her a little box. However, when I stood there by the terrarium I just couldn’t lift her out, it just made it so final. Fortunately Mr Grumpy Jr was out and about, so he could help me.


We then took her to the park, and I’m really hoping that we didn’t break any laws here, and gave her a proper funeral.


I now have a very empty terrarium and when I talk, I now talk to myself. I promised myself no more pets, however someone suggested a turtle…I’m not completely against the idea!


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Salute this rainy and I wanna stay in bed Thursday

Every other Thursday I’m earlier out of bed than usual (will not say early because that wouldn’t be true) due to the cleaning lady’s arrival. It’s fantastic to come home at the end of those days. Until then, I have to be at work though 😦

As I walked 18.000 steps yesterday, yes I did, I have proof;


I didn’t feel like I had to walk the long(er) way to work today, so I stopped by my sweet little boys at the 7/11 for a morning coffee.


I know I should bring coffee from home, I spend way too much money on these take-aways, I’m just too lazy to make it. Silly I know! Maybe next week I’ll promise myself that I will bring coffee every day? But hey, we all know what kind of discipline I have with that!