When life sucks

R.I.P my little friend

When I was young teenager my daddy managed in some way or another to procure a tarantula. In the beginning she (or he as we thought) lived in my dad’s office and received the name August. In one way or another spidy managed to find her way home to our house and then apartment. Mother dearest blames that move on me for some reason, something about me claiming that spidy felt lonely living in the office.


Back in 2013 my dad, as some of you might already know, my dad passed away and to be honest, I’m impressed with how long it took before mother dearest called me and asked if Spidy could move in with me instead. I’m even more impressed with the fact that she drove her down here.

I can’t remember exactly when she moved in with me, she was introduced here on the blog in (funnily enough) in August that year…read all about it here.

Since then she’s been a lovely companion, a fantastic listener and often more interesting than the TV. Unfortunately yesterday when I woke up and turned her light on it was quite obvious that she wasn’t here anymore. Being me, I’ve spent the 24 hours after that in denial, trying to get her to move around by shaking the terrarium, spraying water and pouring water on her, nothing worked.

So today I just had to accept the fact that she is gone. I’ve been surprisingly upset about her departure, partly because she was my dads, so it’s just another part of him that’s gone. However, as my sister put it, now her daughters can draw a spider on the moon that they draw our dad on, apparently that’s where he’s hanging now a days. At least they have each other now.

I was considering (don’t judge me) to just put her and the terrarium in the trash. I just couldn’t get myself to do it, so I found her a little box. However, when I stood there by the terrarium I just couldn’t lift her out, it just made it so final. Fortunately Mr Grumpy Jr was out and about, so he could help me.


We then took her to the park, and I’m really hoping that we didn’t break any laws here, and gave her a proper funeral.


I now have a very empty terrarium and when I talk, I now talk to myself. I promised myself no more pets, however someone suggested a turtle…I’m not completely against the idea!


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