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Back in the days

I used to be awesome at rocking up by the gate just around boarding time. I’ve become a bit of a coward though, taking a train earlier than i need to be on time, not just on time. So today, with a little help from fast-track, I found myself with 45 minutes until boarding even starts!!!!

Well, for the same reason as the fast-track (SAS being generous to their silver customers during summer) I also find myself with lounge access and suddenly the wait aint that bad.

Free brekkie anyone?

It’s like a whole new world!

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I’m baaaaaack

For a little while anyhow, lets see how it goes.

It turns out that I’ve kind of missed this little blog of mine, and at the moment I’m a bit of a Debbie Downer and then I missed it even more, so I figured I’ll give it another go.

The office is super dead as everyone but me are on vacation, not that I’m not getting vacation as I already been skiing with the family, done London with the family and visited the warm and sunny Miami this year. It’s just not when everyone else have vacation so right now it’s me and my coffee all alone…


Feeling better already 🙂