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Family time

So my grandmother’s little brother past away a while back, a few days short of his 93(!) birthday, today it was time for his funeral. I can’t say I knew him, I still wanted to join my grandmother though if nothing else I could take the chance to meet the family.

The funeral took place on one of all the beautiful islands outside of Göteborg, in the beautiful Torps church.

After the service I had the opportunity to sit down with my dad’s cousins and their children to hear their memories of their grandfather.

It’s nice to forget about the outside world for a bit, eat good food and home-baked cake while listening to people reminiscent about the good old times.

Now, sitting in the car towards Göteborg, I feel quite relaxed and ready to meet the world. I also might have gone a bit nuts with the camera.

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Oh well

Pretty much the first sentence I wrote last week was for me to remember it’s not a sprint but more like a marathon.

I didn’t manage to eat the frog yesterday, or post something on the blog. Since 2010 and what went down then, a story I should probably share at some point, a small thing like yesterday and not reaching my goal for the day will pull me down completely.

To add to that I’m also on the last week of the magical chart of pills and that totally affect my mood. Still, I posted my positive thought of the day;

And even if I didn’t eat the frog I still brought my coffee as well as I did my job. I tried to be social in the evening, it just didn’t work and my couch once again became my best friend.

Today was a lovely morning, still sticking to the bring along coffee.

Had my positive thought.

And obviously updating the blog. And by the way, I also ate that damn frog today!!

In a couple of hours I’ll be at my mum’s, having the day off work tomorrow to accompany my grandmother to her little brothers funeral. I see it as quality time with grandma and mother dearest, what else can I do?

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Sticking with the 7ns

After last weeks success I will do another one, which I was planning on doing last night, stuff just (like reading and so) got in the way.

I’m going to stick with some of the same as I had last week, because I can…

  1. Post at least once a day on the blog. It’s more for me than you guys since the blog is a good way to clear my brain from all the crazy stuff going on in there (yeah, I know, I missed out on one last week, I just enjoyed doing nothing so much).
  2. Think positive. As fall is coming and summer has been crap mood-wise, I think that I should make sure that I think at least one positive thought a day. If I manage it I already have stuff for point one of this list, damn I’m good (super proud of the outcome so totally keeping this one up).
  3. Cut down on the money wasting. When I walk in to the 7/11 in the morning (read closer to 11 than 7), the boys get my cappuccino going while I’m waiting in line to order and pay for it. I would say that’s a sign that I spend waaaaaaay too much money on coffee at my 7/11. So this week, no take-away coffees (even stuck to it this morning even though it wasn’t on the blog yet and the machine is programmed for the morning). I also moved the money I saved from last week in to the bathroom account.wp-image-1227137323
  4. Not oversleep. I did a whole week of not doing it, and this morning doesn’t count as oversleep since I did wake up on time, it was just that I wanted to read one chapter in the book before going to work…wp-image-1251299479
  5. Do one round of something looking like exercise. Last week I aimed for two, managed none so aiming for a more attainable goal this week.
  6. Eat the frog. I have one thing at work that keeps dragging on that really needs to be done, now it needs to be done, and that is on Tuesday, first thing. I’m not allowed to go home from work until it’s done. That’s just how it is and if you don’t know what eating the frog means, check this place out
  7. Practice the German. I work for a Germany company and spend some time down there, I also took french back in my school days. So now I have an app on my phone to keep me basic German. The goal of the week being to practice a little every day. Ich sprechen nicht deutsch.

I wish I could do the de-clutter one it’s just that I don’t have that many days home so it wont happen. Need to be realistic ma peeps.

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So I confidently wrote on last weeks sevens that I would be dedicated to chuck one thing out a day in order to de-clutter my home. I seriously need to check my schedule before I commit myself to things like that, since I on Monday flew to Germany, arrived home late Tuesday night. Then I proceeded to do go-cart straight after work on Wednesday followed by drinking wine on Thursday, hanging on the couch Friday night and Saturday.

Yeah, that really works well…not!

So Sunday saw me make an effort. This thing in my bathroom have been an annoyance for quite some time now.


For someone who doesn’t really used products or make-up she really has a lot of that shit, however, I’m might pleased with the result and I would say that more than one thing a day got chucked out.


Not to bad, right?

De-clutter has now gotten its own category here on the blog, with the nice feeling I got once it was done it will be something I’m going to work on in the future. Any good ideas? please share them!

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7 days of positive thoughts

I will definitely try to keep up the positive thoughts thingy for a while longer. Having to think about the positive and realize that I have to pick one means that there are more than one and that’s good for the mood.

Here’s the first 7 (even though 6&7 came on the same day as I was just too busy reading on Saturday).

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Finally Friday

This week felt like it was never ending and then suddenly it’s Friday morning and as I walked to work with my homemade coffee in my hand, I completed one of this 7ns task. As I also did this in good time to make my 9am meeting, I also completed another one of the weeks 7n task.

Pleased I am.

There was AW plans at work today, I couldn’t be bothered. The couch and Swedish Idol were calling my name, so today’s positive thought.

Now I have the weekend to finish the rest of the 7ns for the week. For now, Mockingjay part 1.

Sweet dreams ma peeps.

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What to say?

Today haa been one of those days that makes it hard to do this blogging thing. I woke up (not a whoop and a jump but still not too late), got my coffee going, got dressed and headed to work. Cue picture;

Played with my computer, ate lunch and had some meetings. Then I went home…

…or maybe to my second home for a big glass of red wine, because it was a red wine kinda day. Then I got hungry and and confused, what did I wanna eat…cue picture;

My cheap, I’ve spent too much money brain made a decision and pizza it was. However, that gave me the positive thought for today. Even though I don’t want to spend the money, I have a choice. Cue picture;

The rest of the evening has been spent infront of da telly as one of my colleagues is participating in this years Swedish Idol. Yes, I now wach Idol and I voted. So did probably the rest of the office as he went through to the live thing tomorrow 🙂 Guess I know what I’ll be doing this fall…

It might not even be 11 yet, still I’m hitting the sack. Good night ma peeps.