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Revival of the 7:ns

My 7 lists have been good for me in the past, so in the spirit of being back togheter with the blog, I’ll revive this good old friend. I’ve had yearly 7, montly 7, weekly 7 and just random 7. If you are curios as to what this is all about, you can find all my old 7 posts here.

This time around I’ll do a weekly one, over the next 7 days this are the 7 things I want to be doing…

  1. Post at least once a day on the blog. It’s more for me than you guys since the blog is a good way to clear my brain from all the crazy stuff going on in there.
  2. Do two rounds of something looking like exercise. Already got yoga booked for Thursday (it’s more about making it there) and I’m trying to get the best neighbour on the planet to come running with me so lets see if we manage that this week.
  3. Not oversleep. With troubles sleeping comes troubles waking up and I’m currently on a mean streak of oversleeping (not to happy with that and a 5 am start to make a flight in the morning) so the goal this week is to make it out of bed and out the door when the alarm goes of.
  4. Cut down on the money wasting. When I walk in to the 7/11 in the morning (read closer to 11 than 7), the boys get my cappuccino going while I’m waiting in line to order and pay for it. I would say that’s a sign that I spend waaaaaaay to much money on coffee at my 7/11. So this week, no take-away coffees.
  5. De-clutter. As a child of my time I have too much stuff, this week will be dedicated to chuck one thing out a day, a thing that I don’t need that is…
  6. Shopping list at IKEA. There are still a few things that need to be tweaked in my new kitchen, even though it’s coming up to its one year anniversary. This will be the week where I actually write down the things I need to get from IKEA to make it complete. Might even do an online shopping basket out of it, whoooo.
  7. Think positive. As fall is coming and summer has been crap mood-wise, I think that I should make sure that I think at least one positive thought a day. If I manage it I already have stuff for point one of this list, damn I’m good.


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