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Oh what a day

Despite their current issues, Air Berlin managed to get my flight of the ground on time today. Not all Air Berlin travellers where that lucky as many of the AB flights were either delayed or cancelled on the monitors.

On the flight I found my first positive thought, as I love flying and travelling.

Once I hit Düsseldorf the positiveness went out the window as somewhere between the plane and the outside of the airport my work phone went missing. Not only is it embarassing to lose something work gave to you, I also had to spend time waiting at the lost and found while checking the plane for it.

I’m most likely going to sound like a whiney person now, but I’ve been clinging to that phone as it was an Android. Despite a big crack in the screen I’ve refused to let go as the company changed to iPhones instead and I just don’t want one (#firstworldproblems).

Well, I gave up on the phone and made my way to the office where I’ve had a super efficient day.

At dinner time, seriously it was past 7 when I finally got to sit down for that one, I had managed to forget the Germans portion controll thinghy since last time. I debated between a sallad and the club sandwich. Raise your hand if you think I managed to eat this monster…

Yeah right.

Even if the computer has been calling my name I’ve spent the eve on YouTube instead, realizing now it’s time for this chick to hit the sack.

See you tomorrow for some more positive thinking, flying and hopefully no more lost phones.

Peace out ma peeps!

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