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What to say?

Today haa been one of those days that makes it hard to do this blogging thing. I woke up (not a whoop and a jump but still not too late), got my coffee going, got dressed and headed to work. Cue picture;

Played with my computer, ate lunch and had some meetings. Then I went home…

…or maybe to my second home for a big glass of red wine, because it was a red wine kinda day. Then I got hungry and and confused, what did I wanna eat…cue picture;

My cheap, I’ve spent too much money brain made a decision and pizza it was. However, that gave me the positive thought for today. Even though I don’t want to spend the money, I have a choice. Cue picture;

The rest of the evening has been spent infront of da telly as one of my colleagues is participating in this years Swedish Idol. Yes, I now wach Idol and I voted. So did probably the rest of the office as he went through to the live thing tomorrow 🙂 Guess I know what I’ll be doing this fall…

It might not even be 11 yet, still I’m hitting the sack. Good night ma peeps.

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