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So I confidently wrote on last weeks sevens that I would be dedicated to chuck one thing out a day in order to de-clutter my home. I seriously need to check my schedule before I commit myself to things like that, since I on Monday flew to Germany, arrived home late Tuesday night. Then I proceeded to do go-cart straight after work on Wednesday followed by drinking wine on Thursday, hanging on the couch Friday night and Saturday.

Yeah, that really works well…not!

So Sunday saw me make an effort. This thing in my bathroom have been an annoyance for quite some time now.


For someone who doesn’t really used products or make-up she really has a lot of that shit, however, I’m might pleased with the result and I would say that more than one thing a day got chucked out.


Not to bad, right?

De-clutter has now gotten its own category here on the blog, with the nice feeling I got once it was done it will be something I’m going to work on in the future. Any good ideas? please share them!

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