7 Things

Sticking with the 7ns

After last weeks success I will do another one, which I was planning on doing last night, stuff just (like reading and so) got in the way.

I’m going to stick with some of the same as I had last week, because I can…

  1. Post at least once a day on the blog. It’s more for me than you guys since the blog is a good way to clear my brain from all the crazy stuff going on in there (yeah, I know, I missed out on one last week, I just enjoyed doing nothing so much).
  2. Think positive. As fall is coming and summer has been crap mood-wise, I think that I should make sure that I think at least one positive thought a day. If I manage it I already have stuff for point one of this list, damn I’m good (super proud of the outcome so totally keeping this one up).
  3. Cut down on the money wasting. When I walk in to the 7/11 in the morning (read closer to 11 than 7), the boys get my cappuccino going while I’m waiting in line to order and pay for it. I would say that’s a sign that I spend waaaaaaay too much money on coffee at my 7/11. So this week, no take-away coffees (even stuck to it this morning even though it wasn’t on the blog yet and the machine is programmed for the morning). I also moved the money I saved from last week in to the bathroom account.wp-image-1227137323
  4. Not oversleep. I did a whole week of not doing it, and this morning doesn’t count as oversleep since I did wake up on time, it was just that I wanted to read one chapter in the book before going to work…wp-image-1251299479
  5. Do one round of something looking like exercise. Last week I aimed for two, managed none so aiming for a more attainable goal this week.
  6. Eat the frog. I have one thing at work that keeps dragging on that really needs to be done, now it needs to be done, and that is on Tuesday, first thing. I’m not allowed to go home from work until it’s done. That’s just how it is and if you don’t know what eating the frog means, check this place out
  7. Practice the German. I work for a Germany company and spend some time down there, I also took french back in my school days. So now I have an app on my phone to keep me basic German. The goal of the week being to practice a little every day. Ich sprechen nicht deutsch.

I wish I could do the de-clutter one it’s just that I don’t have that many days home so it wont happen. Need to be realistic ma peeps.

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