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Oh well

Pretty much the first sentence I wrote last week was for me to remember it’s not a sprint but more like a marathon.

I didn’t manage to eat the frog yesterday, or post something on the blog. Since 2010 and what went down then, a story I should probably share at some point, a small thing like yesterday and not reaching my goal for the day will pull me down completely.

To add to that I’m also on the last week of the magical chart of pills and that totally affect my mood. Still, I posted my positive thought of the day;

And even if I didn’t eat the frog I still brought my coffee as well as I did my job. I tried to be social in the evening, it just didn’t work and my couch once again became my best friend.

Today was a lovely morning, still sticking to the bring along coffee.

Had my positive thought.

And obviously updating the blog. And by the way, I also ate that damn frog today!!

In a couple of hours I’ll be at my mum’s, having the day off work tomorrow to accompany my grandmother to her little brothers funeral. I see it as quality time with grandma and mother dearest, what else can I do?

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