Posted in Italy 2017

And they walked some more

Guess how we started the day? Yes, eating hotel brekkie for the sole reason of me annoying someone on social media.

I kind of dig the tables in the brekkie room at this hotel;

After breakfast we started walking towards the Vatican.

The Vatican is one of those places with too much people, too many people trying to sell stuff and lines that never ends…we didn’t stay to long, only to take some pictures and being able to say we have been there.

Stopping for lunch eating some pasta, even bad pasta is good in this place.

Then we walked some more before stopping for ice-cream.

When you are travelling with small people you need to go back to the hotel before dinner in the evening. Once it was time for food we headed back to an area of small roads and cute restaurants that we discovered earlier.

One last night of Italian pasta 🙂

Then we hit the sack, totally worne out. I love my sister, I really do! Still, I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my vacation and the one thing I won’t be doing is walking!!!

Peace out.

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