Posted in Italy 2017

Oh, wow, that was fun…

I have to admit that I appreciated terminal 1 in Rome, even more so when I arrived at my next airport.

If you ever find yourself with some spare time in Europe, stay away from the Airport in Milano. To be honest I’m happy I’m still awake.

Starting out with arriving early, not the airports fault I know, and then not being able to check-in for my next flight, I was forced to do things like this;

And this;

And this again;

Then, after a couple of hours doing this and that, and running low on batteries on both devices, the check-in finally opened.

The inside of the airport is as dark, dirty and depressing as the outside. However I found a place with two important qualities, firstly this;

And then this;

By now I only have an hour left until my flight to Brussels leave, and after the (cheap) downtime I had, I’m guessing that I’ll sleep well on the plane.

Chat to you again in Brussels ma peeps.

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