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The master of procrastination

I got ice-cream cravings last night, might have something to do with not wanting to clean. So I sat down and promptly ate the whole thing.


Then I fell asleep! Woke up again quite a few hours later and moved into bed to continue sleeping well into the morning and then some. So cleaning, what’s that? And I never got around to fix the coffee last night, so I had to make some when I woke up – end of the world is near.


But hey, look mummy, I made my bed!


I did manage to grab my work kit as I ran out the door, feeling pretty proud of myself I must say.


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A pretty normal Monday…with a twist

So I woke up, then I went back to sleep, and was late to work again, kind of the norm for me at the moment (it can be a very long blog post all by it self that no one would read because it would be without pictures), and my counsellor told me to accept it and go with the flow until 2018.

I managed to get my “I’m a grown-up that go to work in Sweden” kit with me, coffee, smoothie and lunch. Yey!

IMG_20171218_102237.jpgAt work I did work stuff, then it was time for lunch, a part of my work kit, and seriously we have a good view from the canteen area at work so it’s a nice place to eat in.

Salmon with red onions and loads of honey, yum!

IMG_20171218_115500.jpgAfter some more work stuff (not telling you guys where I work, what I do and how I feel about it makes it hard to do everyday blogging…) I went to prep for tomorrow night where I invited the colleagues in my team for wine at my place. So red wine, white wine and a few beers, because it’s always the one person that don’t want the wine at wine evenings.

I also went to buy some snacks and learned something new!

The store I went to have self check-out and not wanting to be social I always aim for that one. At this point I had the wine and beers in the shopping basket as well. And as any person would do, you put the shopping basket on the bench, scan the stuff and then pay. I got a red light and had to wait for someone in the staff to come and ok me, because apparently there’s a scale in the bench and the weight of my basket (wine and beer bottles) didn’t match what I scanned.

IMG_20171218_170348.jpgNote to oneself, don’t do that again because waiting for people who don’t really know what they are doing is annoying.

Then there was one thing left on my to do list outside of home, pay for the Christmas party at the local, so I did and I sat down because there’s also one thing left on my at home to do list…clean.

So yes, there was wine involved even tonight…

IMG_20171218_172707.jpgAnd now I’m home, blogging instead of cleaning and pretty sure I’m going to find one million other things to do before the clean, then I’m going to be late to work in the morning because I have to do it before I go since they are coming back with me from work.

Remember point 2 from this mornings sevens!!!

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Another week another 7:ns

I did fairly well on last weeks sevens, according to me. In hindsight I shouldn’t have put that going to work didn’t count as a grown-up thing, because it really is and I do it five days a week, wich mean I should only have to do two more grown-up things during the weekend. Lesson learned!

I was also a tad bit shaky on the positive thought thing, should probably put a reminder in my calendar, because it’s not that I don’t think positive thoughts I just forget to share them with the world.

Regarding the exercise bit I have a while to go, I managed to flag yoga not only once but several times, and I was good at finding excuses to not walk the long way home from work. Need to work on that because my booty needs it…even if I did find this perfect for me pic on Facebook (yes, I’m a BIG fan of Wordporn).


So to this weeks sevens, let’s do a couple of repeats to see if it works better this week…edit as I realized I copied 6 of 7, let’s not do repeats, no fun.

  1. Buy christmas presents (and wrap them), it is Christmas on Sunday after all, and I guess the family have been nice enough (except for auntie that says she doesn’t want any).
  2. Be properly prepared for grown-up eve on Tuesday. I have a bad habit of inviting people over, kind of forget all the work that needs to go into it and then have to wing it. So today after work it will be all organized!
  3. Unpack all my suitcases. I will admit (albeit embarrassing) that I’m real good at just grabbing another bag rather than unpacking the one from the last trip when it’s that time again, and then they end up on my livingroom floor where I grab stuff that I need out of them as time passes by.
  4. Not wait until Friday morning (leaving Friday midday) with packing for the holidays. (All my bad habits are seriously coming out on this blog, don’t they?)
  5. Do something nice for another person, one time…not everyday…people might start confusing me for a nice person then.
  6. Start project “Cleaning out the walk-in closet” (btw, still the most read post on this blog), would be nice to start the new year with a cleanse.
  7. Be happy with myself! I have a tendency to focus on the things I don’t do or get done instead of the things I actually do, so let’s try to change that at least for this week.
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Sunday funday

Since I flagged yoga yesterday I booked myself on one today instead, it’s just that I have a proper mancold so I cancelled it this morning. Instead I’m having a day in trying to sort out my home a bit.

I’m not the best housewife on the planet, and anything related to cleaning and the likes is  not my thing (probably one of the reasons I’m still single…) thus I have a wonderful person that clean my home every other week.

What she doesn’t do is throw things out, not easy for her to know what I want to keep or not, so I guess it make sense. That mean that things pile up, like the mail pile…

IMG_20171217_100149.jpgI’ve gone through it now, throwing stuff out and keeping the things I need, including something I’ve been looking for since I got the new phone the other day. Not sure I should admit to the age of the stuff in the bottom of this pile, you know with my mother reading this sometimes.

Ok, if you twist my arm, amongst other things; last years christmas cards and old notes from when I was studying back in 2015. Anyhow, it’s done now so the window now looks like this.


I’ve also managed to empty, refill and start the dishwasher, isn’t that amazing?

IMG_20171217_134625.jpgI’ve had this dishwasher for a year now, and I still don’t understand how I managed all those years since 2007 without one…

What else did I do today? Read a book, played pointless games and watched TV. What I would call a perfect Sunday! Oh, not to forget! The gourmet dinner for one…


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All spa’ed out…

Yesterday morning started with the intention of morning yoga, it was too nice to turn of the alarm and go back to sleep so instead it started with a hotel brekkie in a nice setting.


Then we hit the saunas and pools before I had my hot stone massage, a fantastic invention (as long as it’s not done in Thailand that is, a painful experience I tell you).

After the massage I walked around a bit and took some pictures for you guys…

Before leaving the Spa we enjoyed a salad (felt like the healthy option after all the saunas).

Then of course we were early to the train station, it’s either that or last-minute, so mother dearest was kind enough to have a cup of coffee with me while waiting.

For someone who spend so much time on trains as I do, it’s easy to sit down, put the music on and get your head into a book or computer. Sometimes it’s good to look up and out to be reminded of what a beautiful country I live in (the window of the train was kind of dirty though).

I had ideas about what to do when I got home, instead I hit the couch and pretty much stayed there all afternoon and evening…thus this post is written today rather than yesterday.

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Did anyone say food?

Me and mother dearest are having a little spa getaway at Hotel Tylösand, a fantastic place – unless you get a room far far away in an old building. We promptly had them change our room to a nicer fancier room before starting our chill with bubbles and fruit.

Then it was time for Christmas buffet all fancy so for the second time this week I put on a dress and fancy shoes…

Then we ate;

Ate some more…

And more…

Before it was time for dessert;

Not sure where it all went since I’m pretty sure all that doesn’t fit in my tummy!

As food coma hit together with being a tad bit hungover from last night, finishing the eve in bed watching Musikhjälpen (mean Music help, a yearly charity event here in Sweden) sipping bubbles.

Pretty decent Friday nite 🙂

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When the freezer for once is full…

With all the cooking done this week, and shopping, there’s absolutely no space in my freezer and still I’m not bringing lunch with me to work (this morning I even forgot the smoothie, blaming that on last night) as I managed to book not one but three lunch dates this week.

Today was with the Miss that took over my old job, we have a standing monthly lunch date to gossip about the old and new company.

This time we hit my favourite soup place, Misoteket, I think you will be able to find more than one blog post about it here on the blog.


The set-up is that you pick white or red miso base and then add in what veggies and meats that you want, super tasty.


I’ve brought more than one person in that claim they don’t like miso soup and they still love this place…just as a FYI.


Now the countdown has begun for the train north this afternoon, can’t wait. So as you might notice I’m moderately motivate for my work tasks today (combined with a tad bit of hangover…), still it’s only one and a half hour left until it’s time to leave the office so aiming for super efficiency during that time.

Peace out ma peeps.