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I’m a grown-up, yes I am (with the sound of Hiphopper in your ears)

As per usual I start with a bang! My sevens post this morning was written last night and that enabled me to get a head start on the sleep part…thus I woke up an hour before my alarm this morning, yey.


So I got up and got my smoothie while considering going for a run, a pretty steep step from not sleeping I would say. Hey, I’m in Sweden, it’s cold I decided against it and went back to bed until the coffee started brewing.


I also did good with eating in at lunch today, however I’m also being good with not bringing my phone(s) with me to lunch so I have no picture proof of that incident. If needed I have witnesses though that can tell you that it did happen (and no, I don’t need to pay them…)

I didn’t do the long way home today, for two reasons. The number one being that my colleague that lives in my direction was leaving at the same time and walking home with company give the same effect as walking the long way. Second reason being that I had the car booked for a big shop this eve.

As I promised myself, I need to do one grown-up thing a day (work not included), I’m just not sure which of the following are more grown-up.

One – having a snack before hitting the grocery store…


Two – actually going to the grocery store and doing a BIG shop (we are talking about a €150 shop here…)

Let’s see if Tuesday can be as good…since it’s now 9pm and I’m about to start cooking, I’m not to sure about the whole sleep thing.

Peace out ma peeps.

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