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Lets practice for the new years resolutions…

Sitting with my pink toy realizing that I’m out of excuses to not blog, as me not liking the phone app and my old computer being broken is what I used to myself for an excuse. The real reason being that I’m kind of bored with my life at the moment and to blog every day about waking up, going to work, going home and then having problems falling asleep, is kind of boring.


However, if I had been blogging it would have been a reminder that none of my days actually look like that. I do do other stuff as well. I mean, since my last blog post (wich was the first day in Las Palmas) I spent another ten days enjoying the sun, been to Gotham and celebrating my grandmothers birthday, been bowling with my Mentee, been to Germany visiting the christmas markets and eating good food, hung out with friends, bought a new computer, managed to clear even more from my apartment, found out that one of my friends from down under is coming for a visit in May, met up with Mr Grumpy Jr for the first time in a couple of years…

And that’s just some of it. So I should probably snap out of it and remember that I have a pretty good life. Instead of being on a constant downer, I should enjoy it! So what better than another sevens list to get me in the mood for coming up with new years resolutions?

  1. Do one grown-up thing a day (going to work doesn’t count).
  2. Try the #positivethoughtoftheday again, it was fun while it lasted the last time (you can find those pics on my Instagram)
  3. Sleep! I’ve had real problems with sleeping lately so it’s totally time for a change, in bed in time so I can get up in the morning.
  4. Yoga…I mean, I did buy a clip-card for the yoga studio, so I might as well use it.
  5. Instead of walking straight home, I want to walk the long way home, aiming for at least a 20 minute walk home everyday (I live ten minutes from the office, which is a tad bit too close).
  6. Since I’ve been on a downer I have also been lazy with cooking, which is silly because cooking relaxes me. So this week I wanna bring lunch to work, that means that I have to cook it the day before.
  7. I’ve never been a brekkie person (except for when I stay in hotels) I feel like I should at least get in the habit of a smoothie in the morning. I will start with the lite version and get the ones from the store, with the aim of making my own in the future…

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