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Refuse the dark

I’m sure most of you have heard that Sweden gets dark in the winter. Really, really dark.

It gets depressing and it is one of the reasons that I like going on vacation in November, somewhere sunny and warm that helps me recharge my batteries.

Unfortunately it’s not only the weather that gets dark during winter, I find that Swedish people also have a tendency to wear dark clothes. Black jackets and black shoes are a very common sight, and that just makes it more depressing in my mind.

So I’m refusing the dark!

I had to go buy new grown-up shoes last week as most of the ones I have are the legacy from my old dress-code days in Denmark (here I need to point out that I haven’t worked in Denmark since 2012) and they are getting old and worn out. Anyhow, I found me some non-black…


Since I’m not a big fan of shoe shopping, I’m real happy that I found a brand that suit my needs, Dasia, as I only need to visit the one shoe shop and try on a limited amount of shoes. Rock on!

Since before I already have me a non-black winter jacket. Pink rules!!!


And yes, that picture is taken in the elevator mirror at work…I heard that’s how real bloggers do it!

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