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Eating dinner at IKEA must be a grown-up thing!

I’m pretty happy that my 1pm to 4:30pm meetings over the phone ended up being the one meeting between 1 and 2 instead. That gave me time to work through some stuff and leave the office in good time as I wanted to pick up a very important package before meeting up with the Latte Mum.

I have to say that I am seriously impressed, as I on Sunday night ordered myself a new, blue, phone. Yesterday I received a message that it was on its way, and today it arrived at the post office. Any Swede would understand why I’m so impressed, as all you can read about Swedish postal services at the moment are how horrible they are.

Anyhow, I’m now the proud owner of a new blue toy…sooooo excited (picture stolen from the internet…). For you who don’t know it, it’s an Honor 9 made by the company that I can never pronounce – Huawei.


On my way home I ran into the best neighbor on the planet, and managed to lure her to one of my favourite hang-outs, Drumbar. And mother dearest should be happy to hear that they didn’t have my usual Amber Ale so today I tried a Winter beer instead.IMG-20171212-WA0005.jpg

Then it was onwards to the station where I met up with the Latte Mum for a trip to IKEA, and here I seriously count on this being a grown-up thing, for Christmas Food. If that’s not grown-up I don’t know what is…

So we had a good time and some nice food before heading home, where I’m now sitting updating my new toy thinking of what I need to prep tomorrow as I managed to give my self an early start…

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