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I’m trying…

So, one of the reasons that I want myself to do the long way home from work is so don’t I go down to the corner bar on my way home. How do I explain this…?

For me, a ten minute walk home from work is not enough to let work go and be able to be home (if that make sense) so I end up going down to the corner bar to get my distance. It’s a two edge situation as it gives me the chance to let go of work, do something else and chill. The other part is that I have a tendency do drink a beer or a glass of wine, or two. Here in Sweden it’s not an acceptable behaviour as you shouldn’t drink during the week, only get absolutely wasted during Friday and Saturday night instead. Anyhow…

Baseline is that I feel that I need a break, however, I miss having a pet and some nights I get to hang out with this lovely being;


She kind of make it ok. There’s also other human beings there that are fun interesting people who make my life more enjoyable. It’s just the Lutheran in me that make the whole situation an issue.

Well, I went home and the plan was to make this post a proper food cooking one, so I’ve been taking step by step pictures of my cooking. Thus, even though it started with a confession of my bad habits it’s now going to turn into a Salmon dinner cooking show.

The ingredients;

IMG_20171213_204601.jpgCut up the Salmon and surround it with yummy stuff;


That goes into the Owen while you cook the condiments, in this case, raw rice;

20 minutes it’s all done!

And now I would put it into nice lunch boxes if I had any left, I don’t know where they all gone…well maybe since I’m having troubles finding place in the freezer I guess most of them are in there.


Ok, at least I have one…and I put it on my wish list for Christmas so if I’m lucky Santa will bring me some more.



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