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Time to whine

Not sure why I keep doing this to myself.

I understand that for many people, 7am isn’t early and all that jazz, however for me it is. My brain and body aren’t built for anything really before 8am, preferably even later. That’s just how it is.

It’s just that I want something done about this chaos:IMG_20171213_083915.jpg

So I had an early date with a carpenter so that he can give me quote on what it would cost to build me a bookcase that looks loads nicer than the old IKEA shelves that are there now.

It’s fascinating because the carpenter acted like there was all the time in the world, I thought he would come in and measure some and then send me a plan. Instead he’s been in my home for an hour actually drawing the plan on the spot, so now I have to put a rush on it to get ready for work…as you can tell since I’m blogging right now…


Oh well, at least I got my grown-up part done first thing in the morning, the rest of the day should be easy now.

Ps. how do you like the pictures? Taken with my new phone 🙂

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