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Did anyone say food?

Me and mother dearest are having a little spa getaway at Hotel Tylösand, a fantastic place – unless you get a room far far away in an old building. We promptly had them change our room to a nicer fancier room before starting our chill with bubbles and fruit.

Then it was time for Christmas buffet all fancy so for the second time this week I put on a dress and fancy shoes…

Then we ate;

Ate some more…

And more…

Before it was time for dessert;

Not sure where it all went since I’m pretty sure all that doesn’t fit in my tummy!

As food coma hit together with being a tad bit hungover from last night, finishing the eve in bed watching Musikhjälpen (mean Music help, a yearly charity event here in Sweden) sipping bubbles.

Pretty decent Friday nite 🙂

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