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When the freezer for once is full…

With all the cooking done this week, and shopping, there’s absolutely no space in my freezer and still I’m not bringing lunch with me to work (this morning I even forgot the smoothie, blaming that on last night) as I managed to book not one but three lunch dates this week.

Today was with the Miss that took over my old job, we have a standing monthly lunch date to gossip about the old and new company.

This time we hit my favourite soup place, Misoteket, I think you will be able to find more than one blog post about it here on the blog.


The set-up is that you pick white or red miso base and then add in what veggies and meats that you want, super tasty.


I’ve brought more than one person in that claim they don’t like miso soup and they still love this place…just as a FYI.


Now the countdown has begun for the train north this afternoon, can’t wait. So as you might notice I’m moderately motivate for my work tasks today (combined with a tad bit of hangover…), still it’s only one and a half hour left until it’s time to leave the office so aiming for super efficiency during that time.

Peace out ma peeps.

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