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All spa’ed out…

Yesterday morning started with the intention of morning yoga, it was too nice to turn of the alarm and go back to sleep so instead it started with a hotel brekkie in a nice setting.


Then we hit the saunas and pools before I had my hot stone massage, a fantastic invention (as long as it’s not done in Thailand that is, a painful experience I tell you).

After the massage I walked around a bit and took some pictures for you guys…

Before leaving the Spa we enjoyed a salad (felt like the healthy option after all the saunas).

Then of course we were early to the train station, it’s either that or last-minute, so mother dearest was kind enough to have a cup of coffee with me while waiting.

For someone who spend so much time on trains as I do, it’s easy to sit down, put the music on and get your head into a book or computer. Sometimes it’s good to look up and out to be reminded of what a beautiful country I live in (the window of the train was kind of dirty though).

I had ideas about what to do when I got home, instead I hit the couch and pretty much stayed there all afternoon and evening…thus this post is written today rather than yesterday.

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