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Sunday funday

Since I flagged yoga yesterday I booked myself on one today instead, it’s just that I have a proper mancold so I cancelled it this morning. Instead I’m having a day in trying to sort out my home a bit.

I’m not the best housewife on the planet, and anything related to cleaning and the likes is  not my thing (probably one of the reasons I’m still single…) thus I have a wonderful person that clean my home every other week.

What she doesn’t do is throw things out, not easy for her to know what I want to keep or not, so I guess it make sense. That mean that things pile up, like the mail pile…

IMG_20171217_100149.jpgI’ve gone through it now, throwing stuff out and keeping the things I need, including something I’ve been looking for since I got the new phone the other day. Not sure I should admit to the age of the stuff in the bottom of this pile, you know with my mother reading this sometimes.

Ok, if you twist my arm, amongst other things; last years christmas cards and old notes from when I was studying back in 2015. Anyhow, it’s done now so the window now looks like this.


I’ve also managed to empty, refill and start the dishwasher, isn’t that amazing?

IMG_20171217_134625.jpgI’ve had this dishwasher for a year now, and I still don’t understand how I managed all those years since 2007 without one…

What else did I do today? Read a book, played pointless games and watched TV. What I would call a perfect Sunday! Oh, not to forget! The gourmet dinner for one…


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