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A pretty normal Monday…with a twist

So I woke up, then I went back to sleep, and was late to work again, kind of the norm for me at the moment (it can be a very long blog post all by it self that no one would read because it would be without pictures), and my counsellor told me to accept it and go with the flow until 2018.

I managed to get my “I’m a grown-up that go to work in Sweden” kit with me, coffee, smoothie and lunch. Yey!

IMG_20171218_102237.jpgAt work I did work stuff, then it was time for lunch, a part of my work kit, and seriously we have a good view from the canteen area at work so it’s a nice place to eat in.

Salmon with red onions and loads of honey, yum!

IMG_20171218_115500.jpgAfter some more work stuff (not telling you guys where I work, what I do and how I feel about it makes it hard to do everyday blogging…) I went to prep for tomorrow night where I invited the colleagues in my team for wine at my place. So red wine, white wine and a few beers, because it’s always the one person that don’t want the wine at wine evenings.

I also went to buy some snacks and learned something new!

The store I went to have self check-out and not wanting to be social I always aim for that one. At this point I had the wine and beers in the shopping basket as well. And as any person would do, you put the shopping basket on the bench, scan the stuff and then pay. I got a red light and had to wait for someone in the staff to come and ok me, because apparently there’s a scale in the bench and the weight of my basket (wine and beer bottles) didn’t match what I scanned.

IMG_20171218_170348.jpgNote to oneself, don’t do that again because waiting for people who don’t really know what they are doing is annoying.

Then there was one thing left on my to do list outside of home, pay for the Christmas party at the local, so I did and I sat down because there’s also one thing left on my at home to do list…clean.

So yes, there was wine involved even tonight…

IMG_20171218_172707.jpgAnd now I’m home, blogging instead of cleaning and pretty sure I’m going to find one million other things to do before the clean, then I’m going to be late to work in the morning because I have to do it before I go since they are coming back with me from work.

Remember point 2 from this mornings sevens!!!

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