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Another week another 7:ns

I did fairly well on last weeks sevens, according to me. In hindsight I shouldn’t have put that going to work didn’t count as a grown-up thing, because it really is and I do it five days a week, wich mean I should only have to do two more grown-up things during the weekend. Lesson learned!

I was also a tad bit shaky on the positive thought thing, should probably put a reminder in my calendar, because it’s not that I don’t think positive thoughts I just forget to share them with the world.

Regarding the exercise bit I have a while to go, I managed to flag yoga not only once but several times, and I was good at finding excuses to not walk the long way home from work. Need to work on that because my booty needs it…even if I did find this perfect for me pic on Facebook (yes, I’m a BIG fan of Wordporn).


So to this weeks sevens, let’s do a couple of repeats to see if it works better this week…edit as I realized I copied 6 of 7, let’s not do repeats, no fun.

  1. Buy christmas presents (and wrap them), it is Christmas on Sunday after all, and I guess the family have been nice enough (except for auntie that says she doesn’t want any).
  2. Be properly prepared for grown-up eve on Tuesday. I have a bad habit of inviting people over, kind of forget all the work that needs to go into it and then have to wing it. So today after work it will be all organized!
  3. Unpack all my suitcases. I will admit (albeit embarrassing) that I’m real good at just grabbing another bag rather than unpacking the one from the last trip when it’s that time again, and then they end up on my livingroom floor where I grab stuff that I need out of them as time passes by.
  4. Not wait until Friday morning (leaving Friday midday) with packing for the holidays. (All my bad habits are seriously coming out on this blog, don’t they?)
  5. Do something nice for another person, one time…not everyday…people might start confusing me for a nice person then.
  6. Start project “Cleaning out the walk-in closet” (btw, still the most read post on this blog), would be nice to start the new year with a cleanse.
  7. Be happy with myself! I have a tendency to focus on the things I don’t do or get done instead of the things I actually do, so let’s try to change that at least for this week.

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