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#2 2018 Back in the office

It’s about a week and a half since I was in the office last, it feels like so much longer ago – strange. I managed to get back into it by setting the famous coffee machine last night and bring my office survival kit with me this morning.


I remembered my pin to get into the building as well as my computer password (which isn’t that strange as I was working from home last week), whoop whoop. Loads of people are still enjoying their holidays so it’s nice and peaceful in the office.

And even though I did bring lunch with me from home, I ended up heading out with some of my colleagues. The food I brought will work tomorrow as well and I had burger cravings so I managed to lure the peeps to Surf Shak 🙂

Garlic fries to die for!!!


Now there’s a few more hours of work required before heading out, and the goal is to be super efficient as the first half of the day was spent chatting with the colleagues and ordering my book for the upcoming uni course in math.


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