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#3 2018 A rainy day

Sitting in the café yesterday I started feeling homesick and decided to flag the hockey and join my home instead. Today I kind of regret it because it turned out to be an awesome game, still it was pretty awesome to just be home as well. Unpacking some of the Christmas shopping and presents.

I did stay up and watched the little Swedes in the world cup, not the most relaxing game I have to say, still they won and the next game is an early one so I don’t need another half day at work. Because that’s what I’m doing today, not being 20 anymore makes it though to stay up until the early hours and then jump out of bed fresh as a bird in the morning.

With the depressing weather today, I wish I could’ve stayed in bed all day, so I’ll just keep my head down, get the work done and then head back home to crawl right back in it.

I did have an idea about going for a run today, all I can say is “forget it!!!!”, no one goes running in Swedish January rain.

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