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#4 2018 Thank heaven for my 7/11

I went straight home to my couch after work yesterday and only moved from there to take som fresh air, nuke my frozen pie or the likes. I then proceeded to move straight from the couch to the bed not thinking about this morning at all, thus there was no smell of freshly brewed coffee this morning.

What can a girl do? She goes to visit her lovely boys at the local 7/11, unfortunately none of them was working this morning. Instead there was a cranky girl without a smile, no fun at all – still, she managed to give me what I needed, my cappuccino.


Even if all I want to do is go back home to my bed, I proceeded to work where I’m trying to get started with my day. I have my little survival kit and belive that the ginger in today’s smoothie will get me right where I need to be.


Tonight there’s another possibility for a double ice hockey (gotta love when the world cup’s are running) session. Let’s see if I manage it, at least I know I will be watching the little Swedes.

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