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Food, food and more food

One of the first things that goes when the mood goes is my appetite, thus a day like today makes me see the light…

I had my monthly date with my replacement who’s an awesome person, (and not saying this because I know she reads the blog at times, I really wish that I could’ve worked together with her rather than she replacing me and she’s becoming a good friend as well…) and we hit a place called Rosegarden which is all you can eat for a fair penny.

How about some sushi…

IMG_20180104_113538.jpgSome soup with boil your own noodles and put what you want in it (beware of the chili, it’s chili-like)…


Any why not top it off with some other yum stuff…

IMG_20180104_115917.jpgAnd oh my god, they have an ice cream machine…next time I might just go there only for the ice cream!!

IMG_20180104_121202.jpgAnd that was only my lunch.

After that I went back to work, and hear this, actually worked. It’s been a bit slow for me for a while, which doesn’t suit my personality what so ever so it’s nice that it’s starting to pick back up. Good for my mood and all that jazz…

Then I lured Mr Grumpy II out of hiding to break my not chosen white month.

What happened is that the corner bar is closed for renovation and loads of people around me are doing the new year, new habits thing. So no after work chill, unless you lure them with comments like; “mind watching me drink a glass of wine at xxx bar”. It worked 🙂

IMG_20180104_172951.jpgI know it’s good for the Debbie Downer to not indulge in alcoholic brevages so I’m not complaining really. It’s nice to have a wind down after work though.

Then going home being to lazy to cook I ordered in some more, can you guess? Yes!! Food…

Do like my mexican, and happy that I’m with an appetite. Thinking that I let my work situation rule to much of my emotional world though. If work is good, I’m good, if work isn’t, I’m not. Think that something that needs to change.


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