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#5 2018 Oh, what a wonderful day

So the little Swedes whipped some US butt last night and by midnight it was clear that there’s a final coming on. Good thing it’s Friday as that is played tonight at 2am, so I can sleep in tomorrow.

After such an exciting game it was hard to fall asleep so it was a tired me that woke up with a smile earlier today…without coffee as I completely forgot about that with all the excitement last night (getting sloppy, I know). Again, thank heaven for my 7/11.


I even remembered to bring lunch with me to work, my first attempt of cooking meatloaf is still going strong. Note for next time though is to not forget the sauce…I admit it tastes pretty much as dry as it looks.


At the moment I’m counting down the minutes until weekend, this first week of 2018 feels like it’s been going on long enough now.

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