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#6 2018 An eve with Miss Legal

Sadly enough the little swedes lost last against Canada last night, not unexpected but they played so well it was a bit sad.

For me it meant heading to bed around 4:30am and waking up at noon today. Mr Grumpy II came over for some coffee not long after interrupting an afternoon date with Candy Crush Soda…tough I know.


When you have evening plans on a Saturday, you are allowed to do nothing the whole (!) day though and I did! Earlier this week I invited myself to dinner at Miss Legal’s where I know there are always good food and a cuddle.


Thing is, I was expecting a cuddle with her lovely daughter, instead I god to hang with these cute kittens as I was invited after bedtime…fail!


Still, a pretty perfect Saturday eve as I now find myself back on the couch and Candy Crush Soda, trying to get this post posted before midnight to not ruin my one a day post…three minutes to go and I still need to add the pictures!!


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