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#7 2018 My body is a wonderland…

…or a temple, or this thing I put loads of coffee, nicotine and whatever food that I like in.

Ah, well. Sleeping until noon yesterday made it hard for me to go to sleep last night, and it wasn’t until 5 am this morning that I finally managed to pass out.

I was so sure that I would sleep the whole day away today, instead I woke up a little bit before 11 am (so only half of the day, ok) to some fantastic weather.


I’ve been wanting to get started with my running for some time now, and this weather gave me no excuses. I mean below freezing point only mean more clothes and run faster so you don’t freeze.

I chucked down a smoothie and then headed out.

IMG_20180107_105635.jpgIt’s getting easier and easier to get back into the running since my big quit smoking and replacing it with running session I did back in 2016. The hard bit is to keep it up, especially with the Swedish weather that’s very unpredictable. And trust me, there will be no running in Swedish winter rain, I will never be THAT dedicated.


I will try to stick to the training plan that I found, it starts of easy and get tougher and thougher as I go. It’s a 12 week plan for running 10k. I want to be able to do it in under an hour (got to have a plan, right?), so lets see what I can do.

After this start to the day, I’m pretty sure I will let myself not do anything else today even if I do have a long list of things I want to get done…


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