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#10 2018 From blue skies to gray clouds

Lucky me yesterday, running is easier when the skies are blue. The rest of the day was full of positive energy so I ended it with a proper celebration. Never overestimate the power of bubbles!

IMG_20180109_180746_440.jpgThe whole energy thing spilled over to today as well, this morning I didn’t only remember to bring a smoothie to work – it was a homemade one. I present an old classic: orange juice, banana and Spirulina.

IMG_20180110_092235.jpgI wish I could say that it looks better when it’s all mixed, I just can’t…

IMG_20180110_092544.jpgWhen it came to lunch, I forgot to bring it and then I had troubles to find someone to keep me company when it was time to eat, buhu me. So instead I opted for a lunch on the go, the choice of food was bad, the on the go was good.

I picked up a chicken Cesar wrap that started out good, it’s just that half way through I found the dressing, all in one big lump. Absolutely disgusting I tell you.

IMG_20180110_120221.jpgI will never buy that again, that much I can tell you (and if you are in Sweden, I bought it at Pressbyrån…) however I did manage to get my errand done. You see, I have this big problem. Package delivery here in Malmö is done to small kiosks, and at some point last year they changed the delivery point from somewhere almost too far away from home, to a place that is totally too far away from my home.

Thus, it always take me quite some time before I get around picking up the packages. This time it was my math and bookcircle books, books that I need, not in the near future but now.

IMG_20180110_124623.jpgThe math course starts on Monday and the next book meet is the week after so need to get going. I also missed pretty much the last six months of book meets due to work and crappy mood so I really, really want to attend this time.

Well, that was my day. Right now I’m sitting in my chair, watching TV, pretending to pack and clean…

And lets all hope for some more blue skies tomorrow so I can stick with my running schedule.


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