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An interesting afternoon…

…or maybe not. I’m also suspecting that my phone has gotten allergic to food pictures as I am sure I took a picture of both my lunch (straight from the freezer looking sooper yum) and my amazing dinner (frozen taco pie, though reheated in the microwave). Neither is anywhere to be seen.

Well, after work yesterday I went for a date with my optician, last time I was there got a good scolding for ignoring their summons for way too long. Thus, when the text arrived on my phone last week, telling me it was time for a check-up, I promptly made an appointment so that he could tell me that I gotten even blinder yet again. This time, it has changed to so little that there’s no point of fixing new lenses and I love my frames so aint changing.

Then it was vacay prep time, the poor buggers that are my friends on Facebook are getting the countdown (now 2 sleeps to vacay) and I’m guessing pretty tired of it. Still when visiting people with children bring chocolate and those children will love you long, long time!

If that wasn’t enough, after my Wednesday glass of wine (no picture evidence available, so can’t hold me to partaking alcohol on a weeknight) I had to put my thinking cap on to help the younger generation with a school project…mmm, that went fab, I mean the difference between the analysis and the discussion?!?!? Anyone?

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