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Another week another 7:ns

I did fairly well on last weeks sevens, according to me. In hindsight I shouldn’t have put that going to work didn’t count as a grown-up thing, because it really is and I do it five days a week, wich mean I should only have to do two more grown-up things during the weekend. Lesson learned!

I was also a tad bit shaky on the positive thought thing, should probably put a reminder in my calendar, because it’s not that I don’t think positive thoughts I just forget to share them with the world.

Regarding the exercise bit I have a while to go, I managed to flag yoga not only once but several times, and I was good at finding excuses to not walk the long way home from work. Need to work on that because my booty needs it…even if I did find this perfect for me pic on Facebook (yes, I’m a BIG fan of Wordporn).


So to this weeks sevens, let’s do a couple of repeats to see if it works better this week…edit as I realized I copied 6 of 7, let’s not do repeats, no fun.

  1. Buy christmas presents (and wrap them), it is Christmas on Sunday after all, and I guess the family have been nice enough (except for auntie that says she doesn’t want any).
  2. Be properly prepared for grown-up eve on Tuesday. I have a bad habit of inviting people over, kind of forget all the work that needs to go into it and then have to wing it. So today after work it will be all organized!
  3. Unpack all my suitcases. I will admit (albeit embarrassing) that I’m real good at just grabbing another bag rather than unpacking the one from the last trip when it’s that time again, and then they end up on my livingroom floor where I grab stuff that I need out of them as time passes by.
  4. Not wait until Friday morning (leaving Friday midday) with packing for the holidays. (All my bad habits are seriously coming out on this blog, don’t they?)
  5. Do something nice for another person, one time…not everyday…people might start confusing me for a nice person then.
  6. Start project “Cleaning out the walk-in closet” (btw, still the most read post on this blog), would be nice to start the new year with a cleanse.
  7. Be happy with myself! I have a tendency to focus on the things I don’t do or get done instead of the things I actually do, so let’s try to change that at least for this week.
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Who needs 7/11 really?!?!

So I stocked up my fridge and coffee supply last night, who really needs 7/11 then?


I got smoothies to last me for a while (still hoping that I’ll get so much in the habit of a morning drink that I’ll start making my own).


And of course, not to forget, my coffeemaker with a timer, it kicks in ten minutes before my alarm goes of so I can wake-up to the smell of coffee.


If I would get a Swedish crown for each time I mentioned that coffee maker, I would be half-way to rich by now…

Now it’s time to get excited about work, how about being in phone meetings from 1pm thru to 4.30pm? Might need chocolate to get me through that.

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I’m a grown-up, yes I am (with the sound of Hiphopper in your ears)

As per usual I start with a bang! My sevens post this morning was written last night and that enabled me to get a head start on the sleep part…thus I woke up an hour before my alarm this morning, yey.


So I got up and got my smoothie while considering going for a run, a pretty steep step from not sleeping I would say. Hey, I’m in Sweden, it’s cold I decided against it and went back to bed until the coffee started brewing.


I also did good with eating in at lunch today, however I’m also being good with not bringing my phone(s) with me to lunch so I have no picture proof of that incident. If needed I have witnesses though that can tell you that it did happen (and no, I don’t need to pay them…)

I didn’t do the long way home today, for two reasons. The number one being that my colleague that lives in my direction was leaving at the same time and walking home with company give the same effect as walking the long way. Second reason being that I had the car booked for a big shop this eve.

As I promised myself, I need to do one grown-up thing a day (work not included), I’m just not sure which of the following are more grown-up.

One – having a snack before hitting the grocery store…


Two – actually going to the grocery store and doing a BIG shop (we are talking about a €150 shop here…)

Let’s see if Tuesday can be as good…since it’s now 9pm and I’m about to start cooking, I’m not to sure about the whole sleep thing.

Peace out ma peeps.

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Lets practice for the new years resolutions…

Sitting with my pink toy realizing that I’m out of excuses to not blog, as me not liking the phone app and my old computer being broken is what I used to myself for an excuse. The real reason being that I’m kind of bored with my life at the moment and to blog every day about waking up, going to work, going home and then having problems falling asleep, is kind of boring.


However, if I had been blogging it would have been a reminder that none of my days actually look like that. I do do other stuff as well. I mean, since my last blog post (wich was the first day in Las Palmas) I spent another ten days enjoying the sun, been to Gotham and celebrating my grandmothers birthday, been bowling with my Mentee, been to Germany visiting the christmas markets and eating good food, hung out with friends, bought a new computer, managed to clear even more from my apartment, found out that one of my friends from down under is coming for a visit in May, met up with Mr Grumpy Jr for the first time in a couple of years…

And that’s just some of it. So I should probably snap out of it and remember that I have a pretty good life. Instead of being on a constant downer, I should enjoy it! So what better than another sevens list to get me in the mood for coming up with new years resolutions?

  1. Do one grown-up thing a day (going to work doesn’t count).
  2. Try the #positivethoughtoftheday again, it was fun while it lasted the last time (you can find those pics on my Instagram)
  3. Sleep! I’ve had real problems with sleeping lately so it’s totally time for a change, in bed in time so I can get up in the morning.
  4. Yoga…I mean, I did buy a clip-card for the yoga studio, so I might as well use it.
  5. Instead of walking straight home, I want to walk the long way home, aiming for at least a 20 minute walk home everyday (I live ten minutes from the office, which is a tad bit too close).
  6. Since I’ve been on a downer I have also been lazy with cooking, which is silly because cooking relaxes me. So this week I wanna bring lunch to work, that means that I have to cook it the day before.
  7. I’ve never been a brekkie person (except for when I stay in hotels) I feel like I should at least get in the habit of a smoothie in the morning. I will start with the lite version and get the ones from the store, with the aim of making my own in the future…
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Another week of positive thinking

Maybe not posting blog posts, still doing the positive thinking 🙂

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Oh well

Pretty much the first sentence I wrote last week was for me to remember it’s not a sprint but more like a marathon.

I didn’t manage to eat the frog yesterday, or post something on the blog. Since 2010 and what went down then, a story I should probably share at some point, a small thing like yesterday and not reaching my goal for the day will pull me down completely.

To add to that I’m also on the last week of the magical chart of pills and that totally affect my mood. Still, I posted my positive thought of the day;

And even if I didn’t eat the frog I still brought my coffee as well as I did my job. I tried to be social in the evening, it just didn’t work and my couch once again became my best friend.

Today was a lovely morning, still sticking to the bring along coffee.

Had my positive thought.

And obviously updating the blog. And by the way, I also ate that damn frog today!!

In a couple of hours I’ll be at my mum’s, having the day off work tomorrow to accompany my grandmother to her little brothers funeral. I see it as quality time with grandma and mother dearest, what else can I do?

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Sticking with the 7ns

After last weeks success I will do another one, which I was planning on doing last night, stuff just (like reading and so) got in the way.

I’m going to stick with some of the same as I had last week, because I can…

  1. Post at least once a day on the blog. It’s more for me than you guys since the blog is a good way to clear my brain from all the crazy stuff going on in there (yeah, I know, I missed out on one last week, I just enjoyed doing nothing so much).
  2. Think positive. As fall is coming and summer has been crap mood-wise, I think that I should make sure that I think at least one positive thought a day. If I manage it I already have stuff for point one of this list, damn I’m good (super proud of the outcome so totally keeping this one up).
  3. Cut down on the money wasting. When I walk in to the 7/11 in the morning (read closer to 11 than 7), the boys get my cappuccino going while I’m waiting in line to order and pay for it. I would say that’s a sign that I spend waaaaaaay too much money on coffee at my 7/11. So this week, no take-away coffees (even stuck to it this morning even though it wasn’t on the blog yet and the machine is programmed for the morning). I also moved the money I saved from last week in to the bathroom account.wp-image-1227137323
  4. Not oversleep. I did a whole week of not doing it, and this morning doesn’t count as oversleep since I did wake up on time, it was just that I wanted to read one chapter in the book before going to work…wp-image-1251299479
  5. Do one round of something looking like exercise. Last week I aimed for two, managed none so aiming for a more attainable goal this week.
  6. Eat the frog. I have one thing at work that keeps dragging on that really needs to be done, now it needs to be done, and that is on Tuesday, first thing. I’m not allowed to go home from work until it’s done. That’s just how it is and if you don’t know what eating the frog means, check this place out
  7. Practice the German. I work for a Germany company and spend some time down there, I also took french back in my school days. So now I have an app on my phone to keep me basic German. The goal of the week being to practice a little every day. Ich sprechen nicht deutsch.

I wish I could do the de-clutter one it’s just that I don’t have that many days home so it wont happen. Need to be realistic ma peeps.